Southeast Michigan

Southeast Michigan is the region surrounding Detroit, extending east to Brighton and South to the Ohio border. This region is home to a majority of the state’s businesses and industries, as well as over half of its population.

The Guide2Detroit has a calendar of concerts in the region.


Detroit, the largest city in Michigan and birthplace of motown and techno music, is still the hub of Michigan music.

The Metro Press’ music section covers music news in the city and surrounding area.

Detroit is a large urban area with separate neighborhoods that tend to have their own identity and music venues. Many national acts come to places like The Fillmore, but there is also plenty of venues for local and regional bands.

In historic Corktown Detroit,  PJ’s Lager House, a bar that masqueraded as a furniture store during prohibition, now offers live rock music and New Orleans cuisine.

PJ’s Lager House

Just on the other side of the John C Lodge Freeway, 313.JAC, the second floor of Jacoby’s German Biergarten, features underground and emerging bands.

The second floor of Jacoby’s is a venue for local talent

In Midtown, Detroit’s art’s center, The Old Miami hosts an eclectic mix of local music in all genres as well as some national acts.  

Music festivals in the city like Movement, an electronic and dance festival, feature mostly national acts. However, local and regional bands find places as openers in many of these festivals.

Notable musicians from the area include Eminem, Kid Rock, Stevie Wonder, Alice Cooper, The White Stripes, and Madonna.

Detroit has long been a center of musical creativity, from early jazz to the creation of the motown and techno genres. This creativity and enthusiasm is still present in the scene today.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a large city slightly Southwest of Detroit. It is home to the University of Michigan as well as many parks and nature preserves.

The Current covers music news in the area.

The Ark, a folk and roots music venue, advertises over 300 nights of live music every year. The Blind Pig offers a mix of national and regional acts. Mash Bar, Old Town Tavern, and Wolverine State Brewing Co. often have live music from Michigan-based bands.

The Blind Pig

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is an annual multi-arts festival with world-class music, comedy, films, and more. The Folk Festival is an annual fundraiser for The Ark which brings in national folk and roots musicians.

Notable musicians from Ann Arbor include Iggy Pop, Tally Hall, and Taproot.

Home to 158 parks, one of the largest football stadiums in the world, and what has been voted the best art fair in the nation, Ann Arbor is a vibrant college town full of opportunities.