The Thumb

The thumb is the region from Saginaw and Flint to the Lake Huron coast. It is known for its extensive coastline and other natural tourist attractions.


Flint, being largest city in the area, has a large music scene as well.

The Machine Shop is a venue for rock, metal, and outlaw country bands. Flint Local 432 is a all ages, substance-free venue that represents a wide variety of genres in its concerts.

BOBAFLEX performing at the Machine Shop

The Fint Folk Music Society puts on many concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Flint Dropfest is an annual electronic music and arts festival.

The Buckham Alley Fest is an annual music festival aimed at increasing investment in local businesses and creating a “more beautified and pedestrianized alley system in downtown.”

Bucham Alley Fest
Buckham Alley Fest

Musicians from Flint include LaKisha Jones, an American Idol finalist, and Grand Funk Railroad, a rock band popular in the 70’s.

Flint is distinctly urban, and has the music scene that goes with this, but that doesn’t stop Flint from having an extensive farmer’s market and community garden program.


Saginaw is the second largest city in the area, and also has plenty of musical opportunities.

Counter Culture is an art gallery that hosts music events. The Red Eye Coffeehouse also has occasional live music.

Red Eye Coffeehouse

The Patchwork Art and Music Festival is a 9 day festival  of music, art, poetry, and film that takes place in Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland.

Musicians from Saginaw include the rapper Prozak and Dick Wagner, a guitarist and songwriter of The Frosts, a band popular in Michigan during the 1960’s.

Saginaw has more than 81 times the number of solar technology jobs in the average U.S. city. It also has a wildlife refuge in one of the largest wetland ecosystems in Michigan, and several museums. Saginaw is clearly a city of diverse interests and opportunities.